Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grandma Edie...

I don't talk about my extended family very often.. if you are related to me in any way shape or form you understand why. Both sides of my family are disfuntional. Thats the best way to put it. And in the mean time there are a select few of us normal people who get to suffer because of it. :( So this brings me to my topic.. my grandma! She has had a really rough few years. My grandpa passed away about 5 years ago from a heart attack. A few years before that my grandma found out she has Parkinsons Disease. She has gone hill so much since then. :( It has just been one thing after another. My Grandma has always held a very special place in my heart. She isn't my biological grandmother. She married my grandpa a few years before I was born. But she always played the role as my grandma. This means alot to me because she never had any children of her "own". I remember a few months before my grandpa died my grandparents had the chance to meet Chad for the very first time. I remember my grandma telling Chad "Mindy's always been my favorite". Then she gave him a little wink and a half smile. Even though I am sure she says that about all of her grandchildren all I could do is just SMILE ear to ear! The last few weeks I've been feeling kind of guilty. My Grandma sits in a nursing home wanting her time to come and I have hardly gone to see her. I don't want to think of my grandma suffering. I want to think of her the way she used to be. We used to go visit my grandparents and play teatherball on the side of the house, go swimming, have birthday parties for the grandkids. My dad called me up last week and gave me the update on grandma. That same day I noticed a comment on my wall on facebook from my cousin. "I went to see grandma last week and she didn't look so good. I don't know if you have been to see her." When I read that my heart sunk! I told Chad that we needed to go visit grandma... so we did! She seems ok. Of course she doesn't look herself, she can't see well, and she is hard of hearing. But she still had her sence of humor.
In the picture posted above she had Jake's sunglasses on her head. She was playing with Tyler and put them on her head. Soo cute!
I also asked her what she has been up to. She said "Oh ya know, I've just been out running races!"